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Superior offers tried and true marketing, sales and support programs designed around the needs of pool industry professionals. Each program consists of a variety of marketing options that focus on individual clients and their products or services.

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We helped finance over $50 Million with our LightStream Program!

Taking great care of your credit comes with its rewards. Like getting a low-interest, fixed-rate loan, from $5,000 to $100,000, for any home improvement project.

"Since implementing the LightStream Unsecured Financing Program, my business has seen a dramatic increase in our closure ratio with our new pool sales. Not only are we selling more swimming pools because of LightStream Financial, my clients have nothing but positive feedback for me. Every time a client uses LightSteam, they tell me how great the staff was to work with, how easy they made the process & were amazed how fast the funding process was. I have and will continue to use LightSteam as my only financing option to further my business and help my clients achieve their dream of pool ownership.

I am very excited to see how LightStream Financial will grow our industry in the coming years. Using LightStream Financial over the past year has not only grown my business, it has helped many of my clients achieve their dream of pool ownership. LightStream is a fast and painless process for my clients; the best financing option available to our industry."

Cory J. Reeder - Genesis Pools, Inc.

"In addition to having a link to "LightStream" on our website, we do tell each prospect we are working with about the program. The interest is always positive. Due to the past poor housing market and many homeowners losing valuable equity in their homes, the idea of an unsecured financing option is very appealing. We have found there are many people with excellent credit and income, but not a lot of home equity.

By having this type of program available, we have been able to build pools for families that might have otherwise not been able to, or, at best, would have had to wait.

The feedback from the customers has all been encouraging. They have shared with us that the application process was simple, the response time quick, and funding sooner than expected.

One of our customers works for a local bank and had planned to use that bank for the financing. As an option, they went on our website and used the link to LightStream and applied. They said it was quick and easy. We built them a pool last summer and it was financed through the LightStream program! Thanks for having this option available. We plan to continue promoting the program!"

Mark Richgels - Atlantis Pools, Inc.